You can see La Sagrada Família from the top of Casa Míla (where I was standing taking the pic)
Drank so many of these

Gaudi in Gaudi on Flickr.
Sagrada Familia as seen from La Pedrera rooftop. Barcelona, Spain.

The completed nave of the Gaudí’s Sagrada Família.

Rebecca Horn Sculpture by HENRY SCOTT

Randi (my sis n law) just brightened my mood.

her: you ready? what are you packing?

me: just about. a bit of everything.

her: you know what your brother told me?

me: what?

her: there’s only 1 rule. i need to know where my sister is at all times.

me: shut up! he said that? (laughing)

her: you know your brother. that’s why i’m glad we had 2 boys. you see how he is with you and Brittnee (my little sis)

both of us: (laughing)

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Augusto Figueroa - Madrid

flight details

so i forgot to mention that i have a 2 hour layover in Madrid going and a 4 hour layover coming back. my brother asked me earlier today what i planned on doing for the 2 days that i’ll be alone in Barcelona once he leaves. told him i might take the train up to Madrid. so it’s also cool that i’ll be able to see a little bit of Madrid while i wait to board my flight to and from Barcelona.

i’m beyond excited! let the countdown begin!

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